Antonio Barrul reacts to a complaint from an alleged abuser he encountered

Antonio Barrul speaks out after the alleged abuser he encountered exposed him

Boxer Antonio Barrul collided with a man whom he said he saw shake his wife in a movie theater during the episode and casually hit the girl. Antonio asked him to leave, but he responded with provocations and finally Antonio Barrul responded by hitting him. Now the alleged abuser has come forward and TardeAR is exclusively showing us Barrule’s reaction.

“It was not difficult,” said Ana Rosa Quintana, who, however, noted that the Boxing Federation to which she belongs did not take any action against the boxer, but rather showed its support: “Let’s see what the prosecutor and the judge will do “now”.

Antonio Barrul hides behind training

The program team moved into the gym where Antonio trains, and the reporter noted that it has become his sanctuary: “Look, he’s here, we’re training him, getting him ready for the evenings he now has, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.” , devastated, depressed, and even more so after the complaint received yesterday, which finished knocking him out.”

The boxer exclusively said: “Imagine the situation, I’m already completely overwhelmed by what they called me yesterday, I’ve already left everything in the hands of my lawyers. I want to focus on training be calm and arrive on June 14th in the best conditions.

Your legal representative wants to reach an agreement

Your legal representative, Raul Castaneda, noted on the TardeAR live broadcast that they had already put themselves in this position: “When he became a media sensation, a lawyer must have approached him and said that he could make a profit, we found out that this boy is going through certain financial difficulties, We understand that you only want to look for money, we thought that “The best option for all parties is to reach an economic agreement.”

Moreover, he stated that it was the department that would pay “any compensation.”

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