Antony Blinken meets with Netanyahu and Israeli government leaders to find way out of war in the Middle East

State Secretary welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister

US Secretary of State, anthony blinkenHe asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday to avoid further harming civilians in Gaza, as part of the fifth visit of the head of US diplomacy to the region since the beginning of the war, the State Department reported.

“Secretary Reaffirmed our support for Israel’s right to prevent the recurrence of terrorist attacks More light shed on October 7 Importance of preventing further harm to civilians (…) in Gaza,” said State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.

“The Secretary reiterates the need to ensure lasting and sustainable peace for Israel and the region Creation of a Palestinian state“He added.

Blinken also discussed with Netanyahu “ongoing efforts to secure the release” of hostages in Gaza, currently more than 130 – of whom an estimated 24 are dead – and “to increase the level of humanitarian assistance reaching civilians.” Wanted to emphasize “importance”. In Gaza.”

Before his meeting with the prime minister, Blinken held several meetings with government leaders.

“I just came from several countries in the region, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and I want to share what I heard from those leaders,” Blinken said at the start of the meeting in Oil. Aviv with the President. israeli, isaac herzog,

North American Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Israeli President Isaac Herzog at the David Kempinski Hotel in Tel Aviv (Reuters/Evelyn Hockstein)

Later, after meeting the Israeli Foreign Minister, israel katzBlinken assured this There are “real opportunities” for Israel’s consolidation in the Middle Eastbut what is important overcome a “very difficult moment”, As the war rages in Gaza.

In turn, Israel’s defense minister told Blinken that it is important to increase pressure on the Iranian regime, which supports several terrorist groups in the anti-Israel axis. “Increasing pressure on Iran is significant and could prevent regional escalation in additional scenarios,” Yoav Galant said in his meeting with the US diplomat, according to an Israeli government statement.

Blinken reached Israel For the fifth time since the war started The move was intended to promote a de-escalation of tensions in the conflict three months earlier, when Israeli military officials had already announced that the war would soon enter a new, less intense phase and focus more on select operations.

Blinken meets with Foreign Minister Israel Katz (Reuters/Evelyn Hochstein)

“I want to thank the United States of America, President Biden, the Administration and Secretary Blinken for your moral duty, for the fact that you stand firmly with Israel in this fight, which clearly has nothing to do with humanity and the values -have to give. free world. Thank you very much,” President Herzog said of American support for Israel.

Herzog mentioned the audience International Criminal Court in The HagueThat will begin Thursday over a genocide complaint against Israel filed by South Africa, a country he called “hypocritical.”

“There is nothing more cruel and absurd than this statement. In fact, our enemy, Hamas, calls in its charter for the subversion and destruction of the State of Israel, the only nation state of the Jewish people. The President said, “The Convention against Genocide, one of humanity’s worst atrocities, was proclaimed by the international community after the Holocaust, which is specifically directed against the Jews, to exterminate the Jewish race, the Jewish people. I went.”

The war in Gaza has resulted in more than 23,000 deaths, approximately 59,000 injuries and the displacement of 1.9 million people in an area of ​​2.3 million people.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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