Applause for a shopper’s thoughts on self-service checkouts in a supermarket: “He’s out of a job”

In Spain, self-service checkouts in supermarkets are becoming growing trend. These self-service systems allow consumers to scan and pay for their groceries without employee intervention, reducing wait times and making the purchasing process more efficient.

However, this technological innovation also raises doubts about its impact on the workplace, especially for those workers traditionally responsible for billing and customer service who are suddenly under threat. Their jobs.

TikTok user, @ianekuy, highlighted these concerns in a video that quickly went viral with at least 2.4 million views. In this file, he reflects on how the use of ATMs could contribute to the loss of teller jobs. These employees, who earn between 1,200 and 1,300 euros a month, face uncertainty about whether their jobs will be replaced by machines.

Negative consequences of automation

“If I go there and take care of myself, they don’t give me discounts on things. “I continue to pay the same, but you know what happens, the person who is there at the cash register is left without a job after a short time, and you do someone else’s work, you take away the opportunity for another person to get his salary,” he claims . @ianekuy. This statement highlights concerns that automation, while promising efficiencies and cost savings, may have Negative consequences for employment.

A TikTok user’s thoughts have sparked debate on the platform, gaining wide range of reactions. Some users compare the situation to sending emails at the expense of postmen, while others defend innovation and technological progress as an inevitable evolution that requires adaptation to new jobs.

Comments range from those who support resistance to change in solidarity with affected workers to those who advocate for the convenience and efficiency these systems offer for procurement situations with few items.

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