Apple has quietly removed the Open Sky Environment feature from the introductory video and Vision Pro website

Apple unveiled the Vision Pro at WWDC 2023. Along with this announcement, we also got an introductory video showing off the mixed reality headset in 9 minutes and 22 seconds. Video length 9 minutes 11 seconds (attached at the end). That is, Apple has now published an updated video, 11 seconds less than before.

In those 11 seconds, a feature called Open Sky Environment was demonstrated that would allow users to “magically replace” their ceilings with “pure open sky.” @M1AstraApple has also removed references to this feature from the official website for Vision Pro.

The text Apple wrote about the feature now talks about the ability to turn a user’s room into a personal cinema room. It’s called Cinema Environment, although it shouldn’t be confused with the new feature. The Apple Vision Pro introductory video already showed this feature, and it is still present in the video. It’s just that Apple hasn’t mentioned the Cinema Environment feature in texts on its website before.

All this means is that Vision Pro probably won’t launch with the Cinematic Environment feature. If this is indeed the case, Apple made the right decision by removing it from the official video and web pages. After all, users would complain about the lack of this feature in a wearable spatial computing headset when it is featured in marketing materials.

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