Apple is preparing the “biggest” update in iPhone history: it will be iOS 18

Apple is involved in a variety of projects, from the upcoming Vision Pro glasses to the new iPad and MacBook Air rumored to be unveiled soon. The company is even already working on iOS 18, the next version of the operating system for its mobile phones. could mark before and after on iPhone; since the manufacturer considers this as an update software “more,” according to leaks.

In a Q&A with Mark Gurman in his newsletter Turn onfrom Bloomberg; A popular analyst said that iOS 18, the next version of the iPhone operating system, could potentially become Update software more important From the history of the company’s telephones, the apple has been bitten.

“I was told that the new operating system was being considered internally as one of the biggest iOS updates – if not the biggest – in the history of the company,” Gurman said. The analyst also assured that he plans to share more detailed information about the features of iOS 18 and expected changes.

iOS 18.



It is already known that iOS 18 will be released in September along with the new iPhone 16, which will be equipped with a new button dedicated to the camera; and that the first developer beta will be released during WWDC in June. In addition, information has emerged about two new features that are rumored to be included in the update. The first one is support for enhanced communications services (RCS) in the Messages app on your iPhone.

A function that will allow have safer and more dynamic conversations between iPhone and Android devices and will include several improvements, from higher-resolution photos and videos to writing indicators, messaging over Wi-Fi, better encryption over SMS or improved group chats. What is already available in conversations on Apple mobile phones.

(Apple will allow applications outside the App Store in Europe: these are the new conditions for developers)

Another feature coming to iOS 18 is artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which “should Improve the way both Siri and the Messages app answer questions and autocomplete suggestions,” says Gurman. The analyst also said Apple was exploring generative AI capabilities for other apps, such as Music or Pages.

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