Apple TV+ series with Vincent Cassel and Eva Green on TF1

Distribution in the second phase of the spy series “Apple TV+ Connection” with Vincent Cassel and Eva Green on TF1.

TF1 acquires distribution rights for the second phase of the Franco-British series connectionfollowing the signing of an agreement with AppleTV+ by Newen Connect, a subsidiary of the TF1 group.

Produced by Ringside Studio, in association with Newen Studios au Royaume-Uni and Leonis Productions en France, the costume thriller between two agents (played by Vincent Cassel and Eva Green) and old lovers, an ensemble cast of post-Brexit workers to combat the international brutal cyberattacks that threaten the Royal university, and they all insult the explosive secrets associated with outdated relationships.

In an international context, including London, Paris, Brussels and Syria, Liaison explores commentary on past mistakes that may be lost.

“The contact was found in the lobby in France at TF1, which has a well-deserved reputation for acquiring the best programs from American studios. CBS’ Special Forces series and ABC’s Will Trent are dressed for large audiences (preliminary four million viewers for Will Trent and consisting of repeats in September) and we know that “Connection” is dressed for encore plus for premiere online distribution,” stated Rodolphe Buhe, CEO of Newen Connect.

Peter Mullan (English)Ozarks, Le Seigneur des Anneaux – Les Anneaux du Pouvoir), Gerard Lanvin (Le Gout de Hautre), Daniel Francis (Small Ax), Laetitia Eido (Fauda), Bukki Bakray (rocks) and Thierry Fremont (Dans la Tête du Tueur) are also included in the poster.

Connection with été écrit et créé par Virginie Brac (Spiral from Channel+; Cannabis to give you; Inexplicable from TF1) and created by Emmy Award winner Stephen Hopkins (24, House of Lies, Fugitive).

Acune’s encore distribution date has already been announced.

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