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If these days you opened the TikTok app and saw a large number of American influencers walking down the street with huge glasses on their heads and making strange movements, do not be alarmed: Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s virtual reality glasses, they have already entered our lives. Businesses are now seeing how they can implement this new technology and get the most out of it, and retailers are taking the lead because these glasses are set to revolutionize the sector.

According to most international retail experts, Apple Vision Pro opens up a world of possibilities, challenging us to imagine a retail environment where mixed reality enhances every aspect of the shopping experience. From bringing displays to life to deeply personal interactions with products, these glasses are ready to turn every store visit into a unique experience.

The study, prepared by Studio Escaparatismo, positions the Apple Vision Pro as a revolutionary new-age device that promises an unprecedented revolution in store design, displays and visual merchandising.

Among the main uses of Apple Vision Pro in stores, one of the most impressive will be interaction with it. shop windows. Imagine storefronts that not only grab your attention, but also invite you to interact with them, offering a completely new and dynamic experience. Sounds like Blade Runner, right? Well, this could happen in the very near future.

The study also talks about personalized store design. Each customer can experience the store in his own way: decor and themes can change to suit personal interests thanks to the magic of mixed reality. A completely empty room can be “filled” with a unique virtual experience for each client.

Enhanced product experience. TOBefore you make a purchasing decision, you can examine every aspect of the product, from its design to its environmental friendliness, all presented in an intuitive and accessible way. And not only in a physical establishment, but also online, from the sofa at home.

Intense workouts and workouts. Apple Vision Pro also offers an unprecedented opportunity to train staff in visual merchandising, demonstrating in real time the effects of different product designs and visual strategies.

Analysis and instant feedback. lCustomer interactions with products and retail environments provide valuable data that allows immediate adjustments to be made and ongoing optimization of the shopping experience.

The other side of the coin

While Apple’s new glasses represent a great technological advancement that could bring many benefits, the reality is that there will also be many ethical issues. According to the study, one of the most striking is the balance between constant connection and productivity versus the human need to disconnect and rest. This raises important questions for the future.

Apple Vision Pro represents more than just a technological leap; This is an invitation to completely reimagine the retail experience. The question is not only whether to implement this technology, but also how it will be integrated in a way that truly enriches the brand and consumer experience.

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