Aquaman 2 Fan Boycott Following Rumors Of Amber Heard’s (Mera) Increased Screen Time

MADRID, June 11 (CultureLeisure) –

After what Amber Heard Loses Libel Trial Against Ex-Husband Johnny Deppthe rumors surrounding his participation in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom they only increase. Although the latest leaks pointed out that MereHeard’s character, was going to be removed entirely from the sequel, new information suggests that his screen time, instead of decreasing, has increased. The controversial news has fueled a massive boycott campaign by many fans.

Already during the trial, the actress herself confessed that, as a result of her judicial confrontation with Depp, her role as Mera in Aquaman 2 had been cut. In addition, less than a week ago a new rumor indicated that all of Heard’s scenes in the sequel could have been cut for good.

However, according to reports Comicbook, the new leak suggests that, after a second test screening of the film, Warner Bros. officials reportedly decided to increase Heard’s screen time from 10 minutes to 20-25, according to @UndercoverCine, an account about news and leaks related to the world of cinema.

The message, which has gone viral, has fueled a massive campaign to boycott the film by many fans against Heard’s involvement in the sequel to Aquaman that has come out with the hashtag #boycottaquaman2. And it is that, we must not forget that the famous petition created in Change.org so that the actress was fired from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom accumulates over 4.5 million signatures currently and continues to grow.

In addition to this massive smear campaign, Heard must face a payment of 15 million dollars in compensation for damages to Depp, compared to the two million he must pay her. The actress’s own lawyers have confessed that can not take care of this millionaire sumthen his participation in the film and his future in DC are key to the future of the interpreter.

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