Aragon registers second Covid outbreak this year: 9 confirmed cases

A second outbreak of Covid-19 has been reported in Aragon this year. This is reflected in the last Epidemiological bulletinpublished this Thursday, reporting the accumulation of infections caused by this virus in an institutional center, presumably a nursing home, in the province of Teruel.

In an institutional outbreak of Covid-19 in the province of Teruel confirmed nine cases out of 109 people exposed. And one of them required hospitalization. The Ministry of Health called for strengthening health education and indicated appropriate measures to combat the virus in this area.

A previous coronavirus outbreak was detected first week of January 2024. The disease occurred in a residential building in the province of Huesca: six cases (four residents and two workers) among 20 infected (14 residents and six workers), all with mild symptoms.

The latest reported outbreak reflects a trend observed at the national level, according to the latest System for Surveillance of Acute Respiratory Infections (SiVIRA) report prepared by the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), which updates data on respiratory infections between May 20th. and 26. Regarding covid in Aragon, the positive rate in primary health care is 10.9%, in hospitals – 12.5%..

On the other hand, the Epidemiological Bulletin of Aragon also reports confirmed case of measles in the province of Huesca in a 28-year-old man vaccinated with two doses of the MMR vaccine. The developments are favorable, contact investigations have been carried out and appropriate recommendations have been made. The source of infection has not been established at this time.

flu surveillance

Epidemiological week 20, from May 13 to 19, surveillance ended flu in the 2023/24 season.

The cumulative incidence of influenza this season, according to data obtained through the OMI-AP system, was 1692.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Incidence exceeded the epidemic threshold in week 51 of 2023, peaked in week 2 of 2024 (334.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), and remained above the threshold until week 6 of 2024.

Surveillance for acute respiratory infection (ARI) and severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) will continue until week 39 of 2024.

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