Are you a Verizon customer? Following the lawsuit, the company will pay $100 million to affected users.

Verizon will pay out $100 million to its customers after receiving the lawsuit last year. In this sense, the responsibility for receiving their money will rest solely with eligible (affected) consumers. The truth is that in November 2023, a group of Verizon Wireless subscribers sued the company. At the same time, the lawyers for these consumers clarified that the mobile operator deceived its clients.

The idea was that additional administration fees were illegally added to subscribers’ monthly bills. All this without their consent and with the aim of obtaining additional funds from them.

Additionally, the plaintiffs also alleged that Verizon never disclosed its pricing to its customers before they signed up for its services.

It turns out that Verizon was uniformly charging them higher monthly rates than it advertised and promised.

In that context, the company denies it acted wrongly by agreeing to a settlement that will provide $100 million to resolve the allegations. Also, part of this money could pay for the services of lawyers who handled the case.

Who will receive this payment?

Verizon customers can become eligible between January 1, 2016 and November 8, 2023. To qualify, they must have a wireless or postpaid data plan. In addition, they should have been charged an administrative fee and/or an administrative and recovery fee for telecommunications during the above-mentioned period.

It’s worth clarifying that postpaid wireless plans are plans in which owners pay for the service at the end of the monthly billing cycle.

However, depending on how long a claimant has been subscribed to its services and the number of claims, Verizon’s payment will vary. Thus, it is estimated that each client can receive between 15 and 100 US dollars.

To do this, they must receive an email with a notification ID and confirmation code. With this verification code you will be able to access the online portal to file your claim.

Meanwhile, the deadline for filing claims will be April 15, according to the settlement website.

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