Arethusa, an exciting experience that will take place in Spain

Participants will become apprentice magicians at the event, which will last four days.

Fans of The Witcher universe can be very excited about this bomb, because Efimeral Events and Holocorta Ediciones are preparing a very special event where you can Experience the universe of this role-playing saga from the inside with a live event.. An experience that promises to be the most exciting.

With name The Witcher: Arethusa, this will be an event that will last for four days. Specifically it will be from 7 to 10 November at the Parador de Tortosa in Tarragona. An impressive and luxurious castle where anyone can go to enjoy the experience, although a registration form must be completed in advance.

Those of you who want to become one of the participants must answer a series of questions, which means that answering all of them can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, but progress is saved so you can relax. However, this first step does not guarantee that one of the seats will be yours, as it is not on a first come, first serve basis.

Responsible All submitted answers will be taken into account., so it will help you find people whose interests actually align with what the experience is designed to offer. From there, you will have to fill out a second form later to select each person’s priorities and at the same time indicate other important details such as allergies, diets, medical conditions, etc.

The deadline for completing the form is January 19, so you still have a few days to think about it. Those selected will have three days to pay the registration fee until fill 80 empty seats, after which character casting will be held. Of course, participants will receive a sheet for playing their character a month before the event, so that they have enough time to study it.

What will The Witcher: Aretuza be like and its price?

You can get more details about the experience on the official website. It details that in this exciting event participants They will represent students of magic. at the school of sorcery to learn how to master Chaos, make friends, enemies, discover the secrets of the school and much more.

It is noted that during the event, sensitive topics such as romance, violence, torture, drugs and even the death of characters will be discussed. However, personal relationships, practicing magic, difficult decisions, negotiations, etc. will also stand out. In fact, to better test how you would behave, you can test yourself with a test that will help you get to know yourself better in a similar situation.

However, the price of the experience varies depending on each person’s preferences. Normal place is worth it 450 euros (€250 for those under 25 or unemployed) and includes three nights at this four-star castle on full board. Added to this is space for 50 hours of non-stop role-playing with associated stories, scenery and effects, personal attire, character sheet, room for two people, photographs and insurance against any accident.

Those who want to go further can still choose Patronskaya Square, because 550 euros. Includes all of the above, plus a gift and two digital portraits with dance costumes. Finally, the noble square offers for 675 euros everything that is indicated so far, a room for one-time use and finally a school report, so as not to forget this curious role-playing experience.

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