Ariana Grande fans may remember the sadness of Hollywood actors

Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande’s new album, will be released on March 8th. For fans of the pop star, A Moment of Lies in Perspective is not a new opus rented in 2020, but the upside is that it can’t prevent sorting if it wants to. In fact, because Ariana Grande will focus 100% on Wickeda new cinematic adaptation of a musical comedy inspired by The Wizard of Oz, in the footman on the camp as Glinda, in anticipation of a return to the studio, in the mane of Hollywood actors in the future.

“I haven’t recorded new songs before. Je n’avais même pas pour, but de faire un album”, at-elle confié dans le The Zach Sang Show. “In fact, j’étais complètement opposiée au fait de sortir des chansons avant d’avoir d’en avoir termina avec la première party de Wicked, it’s not after a second. »

Play roulette

Having reworked the cleaning technique in Greve, Ariana Grande began working in the studio and in the competition of producer Max Martin, this new album is a device designed for evidence.

“I started to figure it out, and after our first week of the ensemble I continued to come to the studio all the following days,” the translator said Santa tell me. “I can continue the organic process at the point where I feel like I can figure out what I need. »

Ariana Grande fans can’t find their way into this box. Eternal Sunshine for many months, who are the parents of the arrival Evil part 1, The sortie to Salla is scheduled for November 27th.

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