Ariana Grande Posts 14 Versions of “Yes, And? » pouring becoming number 1

Ariana Grande has posted 14 versions of her new song to ensure her single hits number one.

Name ” Si yes? » Ariana Grande sizzles on sommet du Hot 100 de Billboardas soon as the publication is lunar, donnant à la chanteuse son premier number un lié à son très visitu septième album, Eternal Sunshine. This is a huitième fois qu’elle, arriving for a tete du class.

Grande a détrône « Love me » Jack Harlow, who has spent the last two weeks in first place after his first lesson in his debut class in December. Selon Billboard,Si yes? “This song plus 27 million fois is what really corresponds to the chanson la plus écoutée, with 53,000 traditional sales. Cependant, another wonderful cipher, comes from the name of the versions of the chanson that Grande published to increase her chances of reporting the lesson’s premiere place.

Outre le single and this version ” clean “, Grande a également sorti une accélérée version and une ralentie (reflétant l’influence des tendances TikTok sur les sorties), and qu’une éditée version, un mixage étendu, une étendu étendu de la version of Instrumental (avec des explicit versions etc. ” clean ” pour them between them).

There are currently 12 different versions available ” Si yes? » Ont été includes the top 40 iTunes sales. In the stream of streaming, number streams do not represent that it is impossible to provide complete immersion in music, but most of all they have a big impact on classes, as well as many individual streams.

Promoting different versions of music within le, but increasing the number of releases and class differences is not an unusual tactic, the most being offered plus two versions of different single versions on the course d’ Premiere week is a particularly aggressive strategy.

The answers to this week’s classes are still terrible, the question is what do you know about your situation. Si yes? ” in class next week. Numerical sales began to decline, cars with chanson versions do not improve in the top 25 on iTunes after the Moon, a meme with the name of the rest of the music video plus a trend in the music class on YouTube and ranked second on YouTube Class Spotify Global 50.

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