Ariana Grande signs off her colorful comeback with “Yes, and?”

Published January 15, 2024

MAD January 15, 2024

Ariana Grande never went outside. In honor of Sweetener in August 2018 or for the encore “Thank You, Next”. After three years of silence, the translator God is a woman We did this with more force as the media compares Taylor Swift’s reputation. Au program; Cover of labor aesthetics and the best single, which we know is also effective.

Your business is yours, and mine is mine / Why do you care so much? whose – (pause) – am I trip?” – Ariana Grande-sur Yes, and ?

Being single, Ariana Grande responded (à sa façon) to all the critics who – inevitably – became a victim on the path to success – en tête, le body shaming “I have never felt joy, joy, or love in my heart if I deeply alienated myself from people who don’t know me well.”postait-elle d’ailleurs en décembre dernier, in response to criticism of the people on the line. And rightly so, Ariana Grande chose to respond to music – Integrated into the excerpt is a subtle sample of Vogue (Madonna).

Avec toute l’honnêteté (and le franc-parler) qu’on lui connait, Ariana Grande s’offre also un retour efficace – more surtout reussi. The artist’s Instagram page is full of comments: “Yes, And? sera ma personnalité toute l’année 2024″, illuminated on ainsi.

Ariana Grande entered this chapter with a confidence that cannot be as much as she is envied and, apparently, hated by the understanding of the suite.

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