Ariana Grande US President in the new Positions video


A mix… Ariana Grande for President. But also Ariana Grande living quote of Emily in Paris. And also of Melania Trump, the First Lady in office …

Watch the video above and tell us if it’s not super. Is that of Positions, the new single from Ariana Grande …

With a musical-marketing-military strategy, the pop star is sipping the releases, in anticipation of that of the new lp. His sixth album. The “battlefields”? Social media and reality.

Ariana Grande: when the new album comes out

Positions (the album) comes out on October 30th. A new album of unreleased songs after the experience of the duet with Lady Gaga. The video just launched is really super. Music. Fashion. Show. Politics…

Lady Gaga ariana grande

The cover of the single Rain on me, the duet between Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Ariana’s latest album is Thank U from 2019: Positions arrives on October 30, whose single of the same name has now been released.

Ariana, the White House and Emily in Paris

A few days before the presidential elections, with all of Hollywood (and not only) that has lined up to invite everyone to the VOTE, even the 27-year-old singer of Dangerous Woman says his.

And he does it with irony. His and that of his generation so taken by LGBT + issues.

Plus, Ariana in the oval room of the Doctor Strangelove shows up with a look really worthy of the Netflix TV series with Lily Collins being the most popular.

ariana grande emily in paris

Ariana Grande in the video: does not remind you Emily in Paris and even a little Melania Trump?

The video is by Dave Meyers, his “loyal loyalist”. They have already worked together for No tears left to cry, God is a woman, The light is coming


Ariana, mom and Stanley Kubrick

As Just Jared points out, the two enjoyed having Mum Joan sit at the Presidenta Ariana’s table. An irony really worthy of Doctor Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick’s film with Peter Sellers. but with a feminist / LGBT + twist.

The black and white film is one of the most biting satires on politics, the military, presidents and what was then the Cold War (the film is from 1964). Watch the trailer below.

Ariana got the fans suspicious / warmed up when she posted the video below. His fingers typing on the keyboard Positions. New album coming soon, the followers immediately commented. Then the announcement of the person concerned.

Since then, Ariana has been posting a taste of the upcoming album on Instagram every day. Today is touched, in addition to the video clip.

What still awaits us between now and October 30 we will find out day by day …



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