asks us to eat stones and pizza with glue

Google’s new AI-powered search engine provides answers that make users laugh

Google raises laughs with new AI search engine: It asks us to eat rocks and glue pizza
Google is another of the companies that have bet on models based on artificial intelligence (Google).

Starting in 2024, Google has made a strong commitment to features based on in artificial intelligence. The tech giant is investing some of its capital into improving the AI ​​models currently on the market and others it is developing. Without going into details, less than a week ago Google and Atlético Madrid signed an agreement in this regard.

Over the past six months, Google has made strides in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence features that will help users search for information faster and more efficiently. However, things don’t seem to be going well with their new search engine. AI reviews released for Chrome, Firefox and Google App Browser. for hundreds of millions of users.

The AI ​​will tell you, but you should not do this: do not eat stones and glue.

AI reviews are designed to save users time.. With this and a simple click, an Internet user can gather valuable information after asking a question. According to the Science Alert article, this technology is intended to compete with ChatGPT. Here’s how to ask, for example: “How to keep bananas fresh longer”. The platform will give you useful tips to help you solve your problem.

Now that it has gone viral, some questions asked to the platform did not receive the expected response. Such is the case with the man who asked him about space. AI Reviews responded that “Astronauts met cats on the moon, played with them and cared for them.”.

That’s not all, as he also recommended “Eat at least one small stone a day, as stones are a vital source of minerals and vitamins.”. Finally, he suggested putting glue on the pizza. We don’t know whether to improve its quality or taste. The fact is that you should not follow these tips, as they are dangerous to your health.

Why is this happening? Since artificial intelligence models began to be implemented, systems have had trouble recognizing what is true and what is a caricature or hoax. In this case, as Science Alert analyzes well, there are no articles about eating rocks, but there is one that talks about it in a comic form. AI Reviews found this to be true and that is why he gave advice that does not stand up to criticism and is also dangerous.

Clearly, even though Google decided to release AI models later than other firms due to fears that similar things would happen, they eventually did. We don’t think this kind of thing hurts the image of Big just goes to show that AI still has a lot of work to do to become something truly useful in such aspects.

As a result of what was posted on social networks such as X, other questions and answers given by this AI model went viral. A user asked whether she should smoke when a woman is pregnant. The answer was yes, 2 or 3 cigarettes a day. Finally, for now, please note AI Reviews Have Become a Dangerous Game for Humans.

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