Assange’s future, in the hands of British justice: WikiLeaks founder faces possible extradition to the United States

The legal battle between Australian computer scientist Julian Assange and the US administration is currently in the hands of British judges Victoria Sharp and Adam Johnson: The future of the WikiLeaks founder largely depends on the decision taken by these lawyers London High Courtwhich will determine whether Assange should be extradited to the United States or, conversely, Appeals filed by the computer scientist’s defense side are accepted.

What are the charges against Julian Assange?

As the NGO Amnesty International said, the United States has charged Assange with 18 counts of espionage and computer intrusion, which could mean a prison sentence of up to 174 years for the computer scientist. Computer scientist born in Townsville (Australia), between 2010 and 2011 A series of videos have been leaked on the WikiLeaks page showing alleged war crimes and abuses committed by the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2010, Swedish prosecutors ordered Assange’s arrest and extradition. who was facing rape and sexual assault charges in the Nordic country: Computer scientist requested asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012.Where Assange was living till last year 2019. Lenin Moreno’s administration then withdrew asylum from the WikiLeaks founder, who was later arrested by British authorities.

In June 2022, the British Home Secretary, Pitru PatelApproved the extradition of Assange to the United States, against which the computer scientist’s defense had appealed: after 2 years, the English justice system must decide whether to accept this appeal or hand over the computer scientist . To officials in Washington.

Defense considers Assange a political prisoner

Advocate Edward Fitzgerald and Mark SummersThose defending Assange have two days to present their arguments to a magistrate: The lawyers say the charges against Assange are politically motivated, and that they were fabricated by the US government and the INC. Support your argument in the existence of an alleged conspiracy. To assassinate Assange while he was enjoying asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy.

As EFE states, The lawyers assure that these allegations violate the right to freedom of expression, And Assange’s extradition could result in the activist facing the death penalty, which is legal in the United States. The defense of the WikiLeaks founder also says that the computer scientist will not get a fair trial on American soil, as he will be prosecuted – lawyers say. According to data related to Washington government.

Summers and Fitzgerald He also cited an announcement issued by the US Attorney’s Office, Who said that Assange, being Australian, It will not have the same constitutional protection that citizens of North American countries enjoy. The defense has announced that, if extradition is authorized, it will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Julian Assange himself was absent from the session, When unwell due to illness.

United States arguments

Claire Dobbin, representing the United States, justified extradition by accusing Assange of spending “Evidence-Based Criminal Offenses”Which would violate the US Espionage Act passed in 2017. Dobyn considers it unfair to equate Assange With “an ordinary journalist or writer”, And explains that the computer scientist tried to recruit hackers for the purpose of obtaining information For its WikiLeaks portal.

The US representative also accused Assange of allegedly conspiring with the former soldier. big plan To illegally obtain classified military information, which would have endangered “numerous innocent United States informants” in areas such as. China, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq.

Demonstration for Assange’s release

After concluding a two-day session in which both sides defended their positions, the High Court of the English capital has not specified the date on which it will make public its decision: stella assangethe prisoner’s wife, and John Shipton, His father participated in a demonstration with Batucada that started at the Superior Court of Justice And he’s moved up to Downing Street, like the rhythm of songs “Free, free Julian Assange”, unions like Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders Supported this march, which stopped in front of the Prime Minister’s residence Rishi Shunak.

Stella Assange has declared that her husband’s life would be in danger if he were extradited. and compared the WikiLeaks founder’s position to that of Russian rival Alexei Navalnyi: “If he is extradited, he will die at the hands of the country that planned to kill him,” the detainee’s wife has declared During the protest act.

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