Astro Bot will be a “very, very big” game, team leader Asobi says of Astro’s “new beginning.”

Astro Bot is the biggest game the Asobi team has ever made, which they claim is “really big” and explain the reason for the PS5 title.

Astro Bot was undoubtedly the most famous announcement of the latest game. Sony doesn’t have games from major franchises like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted or Spider-Man… but Astro Bot rubs shoulders with the greats.

The team behind Asobi, the studio behind Astro’s Playroom, the free-to-play 3D platformer included with all PlayStation 5 consoles, decided to create a larger Astro Bot game after seeing “the charm of Astro and how it resonated with people much more than us expected.”

This is how he explains it Nicolas Doucethead of Team Asobi, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly after the announcement of a new game for PS5, which will be released on September 6.

Astro Bot is a new beginning, cementing its own series

We wanted to make a great gameSaid Doucet, who says the game takes it up several levels from anything that’s come before with the character, who debuted in 2013’s The Playroom, an augmented reality game.

In fact, the title of the game caught my attention: nothing like “Astro’s Big Adventure” or anything like that, just Astro Bot. And there is an explanation for this.

“We call it Astro Bot because We treat it like a new beginning. This is a really great game. I think for us this is the greatest game we’ve ever made.“.


Astro Bot will have 80 levels across six galaxies. The game is designed in such a way that the player has or lives a new experience “every ten minutes” or like this.

Doucet says the game is like a “PlayStation party” with plenty of cameos from Sony characters like Kratos, Nathan Drake… even rapper PaRappa.

But they won’t overshadow Astro Bot: this is their game, a new beginning for this series that wants to take its place next to it God of War, Uncharted or Spider-Man like the most important PlayStation sagas.

The main efforts were focused on creating Astro’s own game so that he could become a new PlayStation character with good reputation and credibility.“, despite all the layer of nostalgia that we will experience on the PS5 from 6 September: Could this be Sony’s big Christmas game?

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