Astute: the tactic that Dakota Johnson used to get a table in restaurants

Born into a Hollywood home, Dakota Johnson knows very well how things work in this medium, which is why she did not hesitate for a second to use her fame to get a restaurant reservation, although it was not her name that she gave.

American actress, dakota johnson She is best known for her role in the famous film trilogy Fifty Shades (2015-2018). Although her relationship with the big screen dates back many years, as she is the daughter of film actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

However, being born into a star home has its pros and cons. Dakota He has mentioned that he went through a period of anxiety where he even attended therapy, to be able to handle all the pressure of family fame. Although on other occasions, he has used that prestige to get some things, such as restaurant reservations.

However, according to the information revealed by Johnson on “The Drew Barrymore Show”, and reviewed by Upi.com, his name is not the one he used to get a table in restaurants, but that of the famous actor George Clooney. “It wasn’t even to get the best table, it was just to get a reservation, but yeah, I did,” Dakota admitted.

The situation seems somewhat random, but it is precisely that the segment of the program, the actress Drew Barrymore, was about asking strange questions and answers, to which Johnson You had to answer “yes” or “no”. A very funny but revealing show at the same time.

Faced with the incident of using his name to get a reservation at a restaurant, Clooney expressed to Dakota: “I heard about what you’ve done,’” to which Johnson said, “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ but he was fine with that,” the “Fifty Shades” actress confirmed.

Dakota Johnson on The Drew Barrymore Show. Photo: daytimeconfidential.com

Drew Barrymore and Dakota Johnson. Photo: Twitter @lifedjohnson

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