At 30, Adele Exarchopoulos honnete comme jamais sur son corps: “I look like…

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An actress who achieved success in French cinema thanks to the designs of the terrible years, Adele Exarchopoulos is a fashion icon for many celebrities. Pourtan, a native of the 14th arrondissement of Paris, is not related to the simple son of the corps. C’est ce qu’elle a expliqué recemment, en se confiant pour la première fois.

In a poster for six 2023 films, Adèle Exarchopoulos celebrates a busy year in a stronger place on the French stage. Desormay continues and continues to act in the spirit of the public and cinema, “The woman is the most valuable place in the fashion environment.” But most of all, this physique glorifies not only our days, but is also a source of joy for the main interested… bien au contraire.

Adele Exarchopoulos reveals her insecurities about her physique

If L’Oréal and the couple are today fighting for the right to participate in an advertising campaign or for a photograph for a photo shoot with Francilina, il fut un temps où elle était loin, très loin d’imaginer tout ça. In a dire situation she was at a loss in relation to her own body.

In Papotin’s Encounters, Adèle Exarchopoulos is an effect that reveals the atypical physique of her son, who is a record of an episode of penable de sa youth. Elle ainsi I explained:

I look like a garçon parce que j’ai eu des poux pendant last September. À they forced me to betray, my parents were not able to plus and all this was better for me than tete.

In order to cover the cloud, the actress in the bathroom did what was not there, plus à l’aise with the silhouette. Et à l’époque, as (trop) de jeunes filles, elle a Mal vécu son rapport à son corps:

J’avais des cheveux très Courts et étais très Fine et Plate. I ressemblais à un garçon. No, I don’t want my body to be a path.

Aujourd’hui, heureusement, celle qui a été révélée par “The Life of Adele” is the freedom of all these complexes and this difficult period of life. C’est donc avec sourire et légèreté qu’elle a repondu à une remarque sur le fait que son neveu, dans toute sa candeur, aime à lui dire qu’elle a une voice d’homme:

I think that’s what I love with Louis. J’ai une voix Grave, et surtout le matin, j’ai une voix d’homme. If I ordered room service, I included a waiter. Was there a matinee? Là, ce n’est pas fou non plus, mais moins d’homme quand même (laughs).

If this is something more than most of the people who attract the attention of French cinema, with valuable physiques and other prestigious people. brands In Adele mode, Exarchopoulos does not know how to overcome difficulties when they were injured to accept them. A leçon qui, espérons-le, will serve as the names of people who are sick with their appearance.

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