At age 50, Kate Beckinsale marvels at her son’s impressive weight loss.

Kate Beckinsale, a British-American actress, recently posted a video on Instagram that is a wonderful part of her conversation. Playing “trop ​​maigre” for Internet users, it was finally revealed that he had a serious health problem.

At 50, Kate Beckinsale is an actress known for her performances in Underworld, Vacancy and Van Helsing. Recently, the fifth generation posted this video on Instagram stories to watch the preparation of the new film “Stolen Girl”. In the images, you can check out the actors driving retro coupes in a caravan.

Photo credit: @katebeckinsale / Instagram

But if this video is ready, then this is the reason for Kate Beckinsale’s physique, which for another three years has been parasitizing Internet users who do not notice the pas manqué de le lui faire. Indeed, Kate Beckinsale’s review of criticism of her son’s body.

Photo credit: @katebeckinsale / Instagram

If some comments seem to come from a place of goodwill, it is ont beaucoup de mal à l’actrice, jugée. “trope major”. “I’ll tell you, Katya, but you’re in the air, poor thing.”, “Every day you find a good balance, but the device starts to mark, the balance is lost.”, “S’il te plait, I chose a lot. Je t’aime, je suis très inquiète de ton look maigre”on the Instagram page.

Part of Poids Liée Au Stress

But because internet users don’t know anything, Kate Beckinsale has become a victim of a serious health problem because she doesn’t have to respond to criticism. In fact, the actress spent six weeks in the hospital. Debut Janvier, the beauty’s son, died of a cruel illness. Un choc qui lui a rappelé la mort de son père, décédé d’une of a cardiac crisis, qu’elle retuvé inanimé à l’age de 5 animé.

“I lost my chat, my sister after 19 years, également l’année dernière. I spent six weeks in the hospital because I was vomiting blood. Throughout the year, stress was created to enter my esophagus and my stomach, and this made it a contributor to a certain perte de mazie. What you think about my appearance and what you should understand is not important. “I will survive where there are unbearable people”– Kate Beckinsale admitted.

Photo credit: @katebeckinsale / Instagram

A victim of chocolate, stress and enormous grief, Kate Beckinsale was a victim of the true descent that led to my final years being a weight loss. If you are confident in your health, she loves it when you choose clearly and judge people who kiss “to intimidate women about their appearance”.

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