At least nine soldiers killed and 20 injured in Islamic State attack in Syria

Islamic State militants parading in Raqqa, Syria, during the 2014 occupation (Raqqa Media Center / Juma Press / ContactPhoto/File)

At least nine Syrian soldiers killed And this Tuesday more than twenty were injured the strokes done by him Jihadi group Islamic State against several IS positions in its eastern province deir al zourThe Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Jihadi group fighters carried out a series of attacks “Posts and Congregations” Belonging to forces loyal to the Syrian dictator, Bashar Al AssadIn a desert area of ​​administrative demarcation, the United Kingdom-based NGO indicated in a statement.

According to the NGO, which has an extensive network of partners on the ground, the operation lasted till this morning and left at least nine people dead. pro-government soldiersSome of them belong to the ranks of the National Defense Force militia.

except for Another twenty Syrian soldiers were injuredThe attackers destroyed three SUVs and seized a fourth vehicle equipped with a cannon before leaving the area.

This file image, taken from a video posted online March 18, 2019, by the Amaq news agency, the media arm of the Islamic State extremist group, shows an ISIS fighter firing his weapon during a clash with ISIS fighters. US-backed Syrian Democratic forces in Baghouz, Syria. (Aamaq news agency via AP, File)

Islamic State was Regionally defeated in Syria in March 2019, but still persists active cells in several areas of the country, primarily concentrated in the vast central desert BadiyaWhere complex orography helps their survival.

According to observatory data, at least 693 people died In operations carried out by the Islamic State in various parts of Syria throughout 2023, the majority of them were Arab members of the country’s army and the militias that support it.

NGO counted total 171 The attacks by Islamic State came in the country’s vast central desert, where the group is estimated to still have a presence in an area equivalent to about 4,000 square kilometres.

For its part, the terrorist group has lost only 82 members in the last twelve months in various ground attacks, aerial bombardments, selective killings or in confrontations with opponents of various stripes.

(with information from EFE)

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