At the Super Bowl, Hailey Bieber opted for a fashionable mob wife look.

Justin and etc. Hailey Bieber The 2024 Super Bowl began with the ensemble at Allegant Stadium in Las Vegas and the Marquis de Leurs sieges. Hailey opted for a scaled-down version of the mob wife trend, pairing a leopard-print four-quarter-length Surdimensionné coat (signé Saint Laurent) with a white T-shirt and light-colored jeans, her hair noticeably longer and more fonce lâché, and wearing some makeup. des yeux charbonneux et des lèvres très lissées et brillants. What could be the patroness of the patroness of Rhode Beauty?

Justin Bieber as soon as he puts on his Marine Serre soyeuse button-down shirt, jeans and a black hard hat on his back. For this, the words do not look like the atmosphere of “copine endimanchée, copain sans effort”. No longer explain how pots of moutard and ketchup that are located next to you will instantly appear.

Hailey and Justin Bieber.

Hailey and Justin Bieber.


Bien sûr, il n’y a pas que leurs tenues qui étaient en Accord. Justin and Hailey Bieber were surprised in 4k on a train, sharing moments of tenderness, and recorded a video recorded on TikTok de la NFL to the viral song “Little Life”.

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The presence of Justin Bieber in the preparation stages of the deception in the car is fans who love rumors that some songs and singers inspire the best moments of the Super Bowl, as well as Cote d’Ascher.


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