ATLANTIC DIET GALICIA TREND | This is the “Atlantic” diet, which prevents diabetes and coronary heart disease.

A study conducted by a team of researchers from the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS) shows that Atlantic diet can “significantly” reduce the incidence of metabolic syndrome, and with it the risk of diseases such as diabetes or coronary heart disease.

The Atlantic diet, present in most Galician and northern Portuguese houses, It differs when cooked steam and cook, instead of frying.

He Fish and seafood They are often consumed as a staple food, with dairy products occupying a special place, as well as olive oil, the main source of fat. It is also emphasized daily consumption of fruits and vegetablesespecially Brassica (turnip top, turnip, turnip, cabbage, etc.), which is rich in glucosinolates and has recognized benefits in the prevention of various diseases.

New scientific data

“Dietary changes are key strategy prevent millions of deaths worldwide every year,” says Mar Calvo. However, they acknowledge that changing eating habits poses a “significant challenge” due to the complex interaction of social and individual factors, including cultural influences,Food Availability, Social Connections and Community Environment.

“Assume that people can easily replace harmful food components based on new scientific data is too optimistic,” admits the IDIS researcher.

For this reason, they encourage the promotion of “community action”; a “paradigm shift” to prevent obesity and related diseases “using an integrated environmental approach that includes and activate entire communities and neighborhoods“.

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