Atlético denies selling Cup ticket to defendant for Vinicius doll

The party that Atlético Madrid played this Thursday at San Mames in front of him Athletic Bilbao continues to give me something to talk about. Especially considering the serious incidents that occurred throughout the day, especially before the game.

A 23-year-old man was detained in the city. Bilbao To Erzaintsa and six officers were injured in the vicinity of the stadium San Mames during the riots that occurred before and after the match, which was to be Sports And Atlético Madrid on Thursday in the second semi-final Spanish Cup. In addition, ultras of the Basque national team attacked fans of the red and white team in a bar near the stadium, three of them had to be treated in hospital with bruises and wounds. This was the most striking episode of all, against the followers Sportswhich were given by radicals Athletic Club.

The circumstance that led to the club Metropolitan make a strong statement against the Erzeinz security service, local authorities, as well as Sportsfor the treatment received by more than 600 displaced mattress fans.

Even the Basque regional police unions themselves have demanded a delineation of responsibility, asking officers to “accept their mistakes” regarding the device, which they understand was “intercepted” due to its poor design.


Among the measures taken Erzaintsaseveral buses were detained, including one carrying members Sports front. Chain creature it turned out that the regional police identified among other people heading to Bilbaoone of those accused of hanging the doll Vinicius in the preview of the Madrid derby on January 26, 2023. After being detained, they missed the bus for several hours, the ultras of which arrived during the break for the match in San Mames.

According to the above information, everyone had tickets except the Polish fan who was traveling on the specified bus.

Well, Atlético Madrid denies that he sold the aforementioned accused fan any tickets for the said match “as he is suspended as a partner pending sentencing.” The Mattress Club only sold tickets to those who could get into the stadium, and that didn’t happen. Since the entries are nominative in nature, this is easy to demonstrate. And this is how he conveyed it Sportswhich provided Athletic with 600 fans who bought tickets and were able to enter San Mames.

Without finally, as it seems, the aforementioned fan who accused Viniciuswas able to get to the stadium in Bilbao, the responsibility falls on Sports because you have to request IDENTIFIER appropriate and ensure that not only does the entry not match the person in question, but that the name was not on the list of people in question. Sports.

If you entered using a ticket from someone else, if you purchased a ticket in another way, or if you managed to get into San Mames, According to the mattress club, which categorically denies that it sold any tickets to the person in question, this was due to a glitch in the Basque team’s operations.

Moreover, it is striking that such information appeared, most likely leaked by the regional police amid criticism of its actions. This is the second time Sports violent incidents of this type happen, it has already happened in Saint Sebastian also in Cupwith an attack on the first team coach surrounded by local ultras; During my last two visits to Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

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