Atlético Madrid did not sell tickets for the San Mamés match to anyone involved in the Vinicius doll case.

YesAccording to police sources, there were fans on the bus Sports what came in Bilbao accompanied Erzaintsa Last Thursday he was traveling with one of four people accused of hanging the doll. Vinicius. This man’s idea was to watch the game he was playing. Sporty and athletic on the green San Mamesbut the truth is that he could not enter with the visiting fans because the colchonero team only sells tickets to its members and this man is not currently a member.

Still unseen footage of the hell of San Mamés: Erzaintza, cornered, flashes on the body…

Before the final decision is made on the case Viniciusthat person is temporarily disqualified from participating as a partner Sports and may be suspended indefinitely according to a court decision. Therefore, you cannot purchase tickets through Atlético Madrid. At away games, the Rodiblancos sell tickets only to their members, and they are personalized. 575 tickets sold for spectator stands San Mames They matched partners who had previously provided name and identification.

Serious skirmishes in the vicinity of San Mamés

To this approach we must add the fact that Sports He provides the opponent with a complete list of his partners who have tickets for the match the day before the match. Therefore, all members of the colchonero who enter the opposing stadium must undergo a control organized by the local team to ensure that the ticket user matches the ticket name on the list provided by the Madrid club. Therefore, if in San Mames The man was met in the stands due to a security breach at the Basque club as he could not gain access as his name was not on the club’s membership list. Sports relieved before the game.

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