Atlético – Valencia | EA Sports LaLiga: Atletico likes it

lGood things always last. Valencia were about to go into the break unscathed after a first act in which Atlético had a clear advantage, but failed to capitalize when It would seem that a harmless throw-in on the local field and on the right turned into a goal by Lino, who entered from the other side many meters from the origin. That was enough to give Griezmann credit., which no one had surpassed, so he discovered a then-unheard-of mismatch and gave the Brazilian a long-range shot that was solvent in a one-on-one game. Demons will take over Baraja.

It cannot be assumed that good old Pipo was too pleased at that moment, because his team was a timid team, which, due to corrections, he already had to assemble on the bench, taking advantage of Mamardashvili’s medical assistance. Not even for those. The Georgian goalkeeper, who had previously saved two from Grisi, still had to save another from Barrios a few minutes earlier. that only Lino was put on the horn. The contrast was heightened by the fact that Cloud never had to stop.

Indeed, Atlético drew 50 minutes longer than it seemed, with the kind of academic play that has now appeared and which is greatly helped by the ability to combine that Memphis shows when, very rarely, it seems to be on form. At the very beginning, Nahuel Molina already announced the malicious intentions of the Rojiblancos. after Simeone proposed a squad in which he provided rest to those who may need less rest, from which it can be concluded that, moreover, he was concerned about the inclusion of several in a collective dynamic that promises to be hellish in the coming weeks. For example, Reynildo was there starting almost a year later. He played with his usual energy, as if no time had passed. These 270 minutes of the African Cup will never be appreciated.

After all, this was Atlético’s third game in a calendar week. Monday, Thursday and Sunday. There will not be many precedents, but Simeone also has a phrase on this subject: “Nobody cares…” The red and white team paid tribute to “Youthfulism” twice after Valencia paid tribute to Athletic. Baraja, for his part, tried his best, which led to five losses, including injuries and Valencians all over the world, but this stretch of the match with weak knees is not even justified.. Because even physically he didn’t seem superior, although he should have been.

The restart brought a shot from Javi Guerra, with which Oblak finally justified his day’s work, and soon after the appearance of Yaremchuk, Valencia played with two natural forwards, but not even for that. Because Koke was already having another great night, as was De Paul, but he ended it with a beautiful pass… with his left foot. Nahuel and Memphis had no choice but to pay tribute to their teammates, with the former providing an assist and the latter diving with a header to the latter..

Simeone began his round of forced changes because what happened to Jimenez looked like a physical setback, but he immediately made a second, third and fourth in a row of Morata, Riquelme and Llorente to freshen rather than improve the squad. This does not mean that Valencia took the knife, which was unclear that night, so time passed, and all he could do was put it in his mouth. The lawsuit between Gaia and Molina, which De Burgos perceived as punishment and which, in any case, was rejected by technology.. In short, the event was entertaining in a local way so that the Metropolitan could throw another party. And there are several. Due to the poor handling of the time change, which occurred in this game but not others, the visiting fans were without a doubt the best quality about their team. In fact, that was practically the only thing.

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