Atomic Heart changes the game with its second DLC, Trapped in Limbo.

Now it’s available second downloadable content from Atomic heart, Trapped in Limbo free for those who purchase the Atomic Pass, which transports players into the world of Limbo with crazy and crazy gameplay, strange enemies and some revelations about the game’s history.

With new DLC the rules of the game are changing. The action picks up where the main game ends, but exploring an ending different from the first one loaded, Instinct of destruction. Players, along with the Gemini entity, will guide him. overcoming obstacles, moving at breakneck speed.

Crazy fights and unique opponents

The player will go unraveling the mysteries of his past and Limbo participation in some Crazy battles with unique weapons and opponents. While they’re doing it They will collect apples to unlock skills and weapons. along with gold coins to get 7 unique aspects which can be used in the main campaign. All for free P-3’s mind from his demons.

Atomic heart went on sale February 21, 2023. Vandal’s analysis notes that the debut of Russian studio Mundfish (which was heavily criticized for supporting the invasion of Ukraine) built “The best option for a good game that has accomplished most of its goals, but hasn’t been able to fully define its path.”

Atomic heart It is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5.

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