The ILC Committee for Combating Illegal Medical Practices opened a criminal case.

Recently, the Committee against Illicit Medical Practices and the Regional Council registered the training or included it in the National Register of Medical Specialties of the College of Medicine of Peru (CMP). This individual, who claimed to have CMP 1008828 and cared for pediatric patients, would be illegal to practice medicine in the country, posing a direct threat to public health.

The lack of proper CMP certification suggests that Mr. Tay Stagnaro will practice medicine without possessing the requisite competency. This scenario poses a significant risk to the health and well-being of Peruvians, especially in pediatric settings where specialized care is critical. Tacna Medical College Dean Dr. Jorge Lopez Claros said the illegal practice of medicine is not only a violation of ethics, but also a serious crime that should be taken seriously. “It is necessary for the competent authorities to take quick and effective action to stop the activities of this fake doctor and guarantee the safety of patients,” the manager said.

Dr. Milagros Sanchez, president of the Committee, said the CMP is also working to combat illegal medical practices in the provinces. “Illegal medical practice in the country is a problem that needs to be stopped, and we must involve citizens so that they can report events of this nature,” the doctor said. In addition, he mentioned that Article 11 of the rules of the College of Medicine of Peru states that membership is an essential requirement for practicing the medical profession in the Republic of Peru.

All people have a “Meet Your Doctor” public portal through which they can confirm that the person treating them is a doctor recognized by the College of Medicine who will protect their health and physical integrity:

The Medical College of Peru is an autonomous institution of internal public law representing the medical profession throughout the Republic. (More detailed information:

Miraflores January 4, 2024


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