Attention, The Weeknd is in the studio!

Published February 14, 2024

MAD February 14, 2024

S’il ya un retour que la sphere musice, accompanying impatience, c’est bien celui-ci: The Weeknd, who, deja-en-debut anniversary, inspires, sambats in the studio. Yes, this future project will be the cell that will formalize the rift between Abel Tesfaye and his people.

Il ya quelques mois, il déclarait d’ailleurs: ” At this moment I am going through a cathartic period. (…) I continue to make music, like Abel, like The Weeknd. More than one day I destroyed The Weeknd. And I am le Feray. Un jour or autre. J’essaie vraiment de me debarrasser de cette peau et de renaître » – Façon pour lui d’annoncer que The Weeknd was not the best plus.

Et de trois?

But names are those who demand whether the artist’s plan will come true. It is the cage that makes up the trilogy that will fascinate the artist. : Jusque ici, albums After Hours and Dawn FM Ont été offers to the public. Or, the day before, The Weeknd announced to Variety that the triple chapter of the saga had ended. Comme pour confirmer tout ça, l’interpreter de Blinding Light published cliche in the studio with a legendI hear fire in the sky. the dawn is slowly coming to an end…”, – que l’on pourrait traduire par “J’entends le feu dans le ciel. L’aube s’achève slowly… »

“A new joy for the impatient,” The Weeknd delivers a beautiful project. Oh, en tout cas, on fear.

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