Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan are polar opposites

Masters of the Air it is without a doubt one of the most hyped shows of the entire year. It’s the kind of blockbuster television that brings together fathers and sons from all over the country. Now, the all-star ensemble cast, led by Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan, is giving us a whole new reason to be excited about the series as they continue to show up to push it in truly mega-fits.

Last night, the world premiere of the Apple TV+ war epic took place at the Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles. Butler showed up with his signature messy locks (Masters of the Hair?) and a classic double-breasted Burberry suit. In typical style by Daniel Lee – the Bottega Veneta alum who now heads Britain’s biggest luxury house – it was elegant and sophisticated, with calm vertical stripes and perfectly wide lapels. It’s the type of ensemble cast we’ve come to expect from Butler as he travels the world Elvis During the 2022 press tour, the California-born actor wore suit after suit and looked damn handsome the entire time.

Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan are polar opposites


If Butler represented Old Hollywood, then Keoghan gave us a glimpse of the New Hollywood style. Saltburn the star indulged her inner weirdo in masculine style, wearing a cropped sleeveless jacket and matching wide-leg trousers from Dolce & Gabbana. He also donned a pair of chunky black Christian Louboutin boots and left his huge biceps on display. Listen: He deserved it after preparing for the nude dance scene in Saltburn. Of course, not everyone can work, but Keoghan looks as comfortable as ever in avant-garde fashion.

Butler and Keoghan are two of the best-dressed guys right now, proving that there’s more than one path to menswear stardom these days. Expect to see more heroic looks from both men as awards season approaches. Masters of the Air continues its implementation.

This article originally appeared in British GQ under the headline “The fits of Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan are the two poles of Hollywood.”

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