Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan’s Burberry outfits are completely different

If you think about it, Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan are two very similar guys. They are both about 30 years old. They are both two of the most promising actors working today. And they are both two of the best dressed guys in the history of this strange Earth. However, when Masters of the Air The co-stars attended the UK premiere last night and it became clearer than ever that they are on completely opposite sides of the menswear spectrum. Day and night, really.

At Picturehouse Central in London, Butler opted for another classic suit. That meant a dark brown double-breasted wool suit, a white dress shirt and very sensible, very classic leather shoes. It’s a classic Old Hollywood combination. And yes, you’ve seen it over and over again. But that’s because it works. And Butler works even harder with the little details: fanged lapels, a perfectly tied tie, low energy levels, scruffy hair and stubble.

Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan's Burberry outfits are completely different

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Keoghan, on the other hand, made it official on the red carpet. Saltburn The star has always favored quirky pieces in menswear—and we mean that in the best possible way. Just as he wore a puffy suit at the Los Angeles premiere two weeks ago, his turquoise mohair sweater vest was cropped just enough so he could flex big, big hands (squeezing his luxury watch was probably no easy feat). He also wore neatly pressed black trousers.

Both of these suits are very different, but they are emblematic of the modern Burberry under the leadership of creative director Daniel Lee. Just as he did during his time at Bottega Veneta, the British designer has repositioned Britain’s largest luxury house to appeal to all segments of the population. The London-based brand is still active in tailoring – and always will be. But things like Keoghan’s kingfisher vest are very fresh and new. “We can provide increased luxury and build quality to accessories,” Lee told the magazine in a 2023 interview. Financial Times. “But at the same time I don’t want to alienate the football fans, the younger generation – I want to celebrate that part of Burberry too. And I think that’s what’s unique about the mission here.”

Burberry wins. But who will win in a fight between Barry Keoghan and Austin Butler? Us. We won.

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