Austin Butler says more people are born while on tour

It is unfortunate that Dune: Second Party Join the movie, the actors guarantee the promotion of the film, dedicated to the secrets of the scenes for future viewers. Such is the case for Austin Butler, whose designations mark three difficult tour conditions in the heart of the desert.

Blue sky and saber perte de vue. Planet Arrakis is a dark treasure, not fit for the world. Casting Dune: Second Party The kids bought me and faced pendant “Climat terrible Chaud et Aride” le Tournage du Film. The hospital, obvious to the Fremen, did not have unique visual effects, but it was the most beautiful and complex meteo, just like the members of the movie outfit who had a pendant for a beautiful face for several days. L’expérience a été éprouvante pour les acteurs et en particulier for Austin Butler, which I compared the plateau with ” microwave

“Il faisait 43 degres, c’était Tellement Chaud”

Dans le cadre d’un entretien avec Entertainment Weeklycomedian Austin Butler believes he poses a challenge Dune: Second Party pour lui. Today who is the illustration in this world Elvis In 2022, the device in the premier volume of the Denis Villeneuve saga will become the main choice for the endosser. role of Feyd-Routto him neveu et héritier du Baron Harkonnen in this second opus. Three great opportunities that also present themselves as great challenges.

If certain prices of your tours are located in Italy and Hong Kong, most of the tour will suit you. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The desert frame in ocher and orange colors is beau être somptueux, the climate is not so close to the equipment. “ Il faisait 43 degrees, c’était Tellement Chaud “, an explanation of the American comedy that was revived on the premiere stages that took place at the tournament.

Feyd-Rautha (Austin Butler) in the movie Dune: Second Party
© Warner Bros.

At this point, Feyd-Rautha fights a trio of warriors in the gladiator arena to prove his uncle’s valor. The fight against what they eat from 32 years to finally against écrasante températures. ” J’avais la perruque chauve sur la tête, et c’était entre deux plax, qui étaient juste comme des boîtes gris aux murs de 60 mètres, et du sable. It’s like a microwave oven. Il y avait des gens qui s’évanouissaient à de la chaleur. And this is only the first week

However, Austin Butler believed that ces apocalyptiques determines ont également eu des consequences positive consequences. ” Cela a vaiment soudé les équipes “, confirm-t-il. “ Il ya quelque chose qui pousse à l’humilité when you return to an uncomfortable environment.

Denis Villeneuve did not regret the pause between two tours Dune

Image from the film Dune: The Second Party
© Warner Bros.

In pareal conditions, it is difficult to imagine having two enclosures. Dune L’un à la suite de l’autre et pourtant, c’est bien ce qui a filli has arrived. For the biggest Hollywood sagas, it is not uncommon for those who want to participate in temporary tours, this is what is needed for the Denis Villeneuve project. Now, the long pause at the end is a place between two films and the implementer in the soul.

Two films on tour in the most difficult and physically grueling conditions, where there is a blessed pause between the two films. “, at-il avoué. ” My first thought was to check out the two movies in the room, but the main reason in my opinion was that they were dead. C’était vraiment intense et voir comment le monde a reagi à Dune: Party Un a été un reserve d’énergie pour return dans le désert

“A l’aube de la sortie de son nouveau” film that arrived at the cinema February 28 prochain, you are a Canadian film actor and thinker in the style of the suite about the adventures of Paul Atreides. Ne reste plus qu’à party de voir si la reception du public lui donnera le courage de s’envoler une nouvelle fois pour les d’Arabie dunes.

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