Australian Open 2024: Novak Djokovic and Roland Garros: “If Nadal plays, he will always be the favorite”

NOvac Djokovic was particularly disappointed with his performance and congratulated Jannik Sinner for his great dominance.

A game. “It was one of the worst Grand Slam matches I’ve ever played, it’s so frustrating to play. My tennis level was not very good, I was trying to find peace. In general, during these two matches I didn’t find myself. weeks, except for moments of punctuality. I always expect the best from myself and this time it wasn’t like that. This defeat does not mean the beginning of the end, I hope that I will have the opportunity to come back again and feel these emotions.”

Roland Garros, the next big tournament. “There are players who are more favorites than others. If Nadal plays, he is always the favorite at Roland Garros, and then Alcaraz and Sinner go. Those at the top always have their options.”

This defeat doesn’t mean the beginning of the end

Six years without defeat. “I have something to be proud of. One day this series had to end. I gave it my all and today I lost to someone better. Melbourne will always be a special city and I have had more success there than any other.” ” “.

No break options. “He served very well, there are a lot of things I did wrong. The rest, my movements on the court, forehand, backhand… He dominated me with his serve, and if you serve well and don’t give up the break ball, “You put a lot of pressure on your opponent.”

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