Australian Open 2024: Sinner, dressed as Nadal, will defeat Medvedev in straight sets to become Australian Open champion

Jannik Sinner This Sunday he completed 116 days of his life. On October 4, he never beat Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic. That day they won the Beijing Open 500 after defeating the Russian and went on to defeat Djokovic twice, 11 days apart, in the group stage of the ATP Finals and in the Davis Cup semi-finals from Malaga. He repeated his victory against the Serbian in the semi-finals of the Australian Open and against the Muscovite in the final in Vienna and in the penultimate round of the Masters tournament in Turin.

There are no two without three and three without four, the transclimber must think, the first tennis player from his country to win the Australian Open after defeating Medvedev and winning 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 and 6-3 in 3 hours 44 minutes.. The right hand that cleared the line brought him glory.

Daniel, finalist of the 2021 and 2022 tournaments, the Norman Brookes Cup eludes him. Despite this being his sixth major final, the experience proved to be of little use to him when he ran out of energy.

This was Sinner’s decisive point to win the Australian Open.

There was no number one (Djokovic) or number two (Carlos Alcaraz) in the Rod Laver Arena. but the numbers say these two main characters were the best of the last year. No one has won more than them in general and on hard surfaces in particular.

5 hours 49 minutes longer on the Medvedev route (27 years old) They were rock hard in the third, fourth and especially the fifth set.

Bag of nerves

Sinner seemed nervous about the grandeur of the stage. I’ve never been in a situation like this. He served in the third game, in which he missed the first goal.. Its efficiency percentage was 30 percent. He barely managed to even throw the ball over the net.

Daniil was so comfortable that he even dared to volley his serve. He confirmed the break with an empty play: 3-1. Not even 15 minutes had passed until the end. The stands shamelessly parted ways with the Italian. They demonstrated this with the applause and standing ovation they gave Yannick when he stepped onto the cement.

The Russian continued to operate 86 percent of the first flights, and they traveled at an average speed of 200 kilometers per hour.. This way everything is simpler. The duel was a monologue, because Gilles Cervara’s student understood tactics very clearly.

I liked the score of 15-40, which ended the first round after the rest. His backhand hit the net and he received a pass from his opponent. Daniel had a third and that was the beauty. Another unforced error from Sinner.

12 minute game

Sinner lifted four goals to make it 2–0 in the semi-final match. The second of them is with a clear error in the opponent’s throw. Long exchanges, one of his features, also fell on Medvedev’s side.

The Muscovite gave away five points on serve after continuing 2:1. The pitcher in the fountain was so strong that it crashed against the Transalpine player when he lost his serve permanently: 3-1.

Frozen with tension, he struck a second later. The opposite sensation was felt by the third table favourite, who soared over the center to reach the untouchable 5-1 scoreline.. The relaxation point allowed Yannick to win the game against the others. From a possible 6-1 the score went to 5-3 and the lead to 5-4.. Followers believed in the return, which seemed like a miracle. Although I remember the final of Rafael Nadal and Medvedev in 2022.

Sinner played Rafa. Daniil missed the second set point due to a double fault. I’ll use the second one. In the third act, the two main characters maintained serve until the tenth round. This time the Italian liked the game. It was his. Prolonged rallies changed hands.

Yannick saved a break point at 3-3 in the fourth set. He regained the clarity of mind and service that he lacked in the beginning. Medvedev could not kick or racket. No one had ever stayed on court for so long during two weeks of a Grand Slam before.. The speed of his shots dropped by 10 kilometers per hour.

Reprimand for changing in a tunnel

Having already passed through the locker room, I had no second option. That’s why it changed in the central tunnel. I also received a “warning” after prior advice from the tournament supervisor..

There was only one story in the fifth set, and it was the new champion’s racquet that offered it. Sinner puts his name on a par with Nicola Pietrangeli and Adriano Panatta, two other Italians who trained the great. Pietrangeli at Roland Garros (1959-60) and Panatta also in Paris (1976). To sum it up, Francesca Schiavone won the French Open (2010) and Flavia Pennetta won the US Open (2015)..

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