Autopsy of German tourist begins: first analysis rules out injuries consistent with murder

This was the rescue of the remains of a German tourist killed in San Juan

In the last hours, The autopsy began yesterday on the body of German tourist Julia Horn, who was found dead on Tuesday in the Autódromo area of ​​the Tres Marías hill in San Juan. After three days of searching, hope is placed on the preliminary result: it is important to determine whether his death was due to an accident or whether he was murdered.

Today the file is in new hands. Prosecutor Daniela Pringles, who successfully led the searchhanded over the case to Prosecutors Ivan Grassi and Michele Torrenain charge of investigating deaths. The study has been carried out at the morgue of the Rivadavia department of San Juan, belonging to the Judicial Branch, where the body was entered at 9:30 pm last night.

for now, The corpse was analysed firstwas conducted by legal doctors who analyzed Julia’s remains. The first experts determined that no injuries associated with the murder were visible, at least to the naked eye. “There were multiple fractures to the pelvis and facial injuries, among other injuries to the body. There were no traumatic injuries consistent with an assault. “They were all consistent with a fall”Assures a master source in the file.

However, it will be the autopsy that will determine this resolution. We will try to find out how the blow occurred and whether Julia actually died, Also if he has suffered any type of aggression from a third party.

Determining the exact date of death became another key. For this, the investigators ordered a forensic examination of the morgue A Glassy Humor Analysisa fluid collected from the eyes that can determine underlying processes other than time of death. This is relatively common in autopsies. For example, it was performed on the body of prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

On the other hand, prosecutors ordered a rigorous study: Toxicology tests and analysis of viscera To determine pre-existing or sudden pathology, such as, for example, myocardial infarction or stroke.

the corpse was He was recovered yesterday from a ravine considered “inaccessible” by a rescue team of the State Secretary of Security and Public Order of San Juan. Experts, seen by a helicopter a few hours after the victim’s father arrived in the province. Operations to bring down the remains of the hill Over 50 people attendeds, between police officers and members of the Jachal and Barial high mountain groups of the National Gendarmerie.

Julia arrived in San Juan as an exchange intern NGO Youth for Understanding (YFU) on 14 May. He was 19 years old.

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