Aux États-Unis, vinyl last week in 2023 is celui de Taylor Swift

Great success for the singer! In fact, according to documents published by US website Billboard and shared with Challenges, Taylor Swift sell 3.5 million vinyls in 2023 Rien qu’aux États-Unis. Sur l’ensemble des Vinlus Vendus this même année dans le pays (un peu moins que 50 million), cela représente 7% of sales. It’s clear that the vinyl on the record is what sells to this 34-year-old pop star.

Il faut savoir qu’aux États-Unis le vinyl is a return to the physique format le most popular ces deux dernières années, puisque les sales ont à nouveau dépassé celles des CDs in 2022. In plus d’etre l’artiste la plus écoutée sur la Spotify streaming platform in 2023, taking into account plus 26 billion d’ecutesTaylor Swift may be uncomfortable if you prefer new lacing in the son of the arc: continuing to return the vinyl to youth throughout the day.


Taylor Swift is the person of 2023 in honor of Time after a phenomenal tournament.

Four nights of concerts in Paris

In France they are more dernier disque, 1989, these are the top three best selling vinyls! Other encore exploits: singer, original from Pennsylvania, party of three artists from class to pleasure, pas-moines-de-trois, albums, parmy les 200 plus sales in the hexagon in 2023, aux Côtés de French legends such as Johnny Hallyday. In addition, Taylor Swift will return to all of her concert venues for four nights scheduled at Paris’s La Défense Arena in May 2024.

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