Availability of seats for the 24-25 season | Burgos

Burgos Football Club will make room available for the next season 2024/25. Freeing up space means that subscribers who are unable to attend a match included in their season ticket can make it available to Burgos CF for sale to another fan interested in attending said match.

The Burgos club is currently exploring different ways to offer this service to a wide and diverse social mass and will announce available alternatives before the new campaign begins.

In the event that Burgos CF sells this seat, the subscriber will receive 35% of the ticket price, which accumulates to a maximum of 25% of the ticket price. This amount can only be used as a discount on season ticket renewal for the next season.

This benefit of a membership card is that it gives you the ability to transfer your Club seat as many times as you like.

  • Practical example: if an adult in the stands (420 euros) vacates his seat (35%) and the ticket is sold for 35 euros (indicative price), he will receive 35% x 35 euros = 12.25 euros. If you do this for 9 games, you will reach the maximum “refund” amount of €105, which will apply in season 25-26 when you renew your subscription.

*The amount received as a refund represents the sale amount and not the average income for that sector.

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