Avatars 3, 4 and 5 with “dinge” tease Zoe Saldana

“I think Titanic will be the legacy, but I know it will be Avatar,” translator Neytiri says of James Cameron.

En tout début d’année, Sam Worthington son’s return a tournament within a tournament in suites is inevitableAvatar in support of three blockbusters: “C’est plus gros que ce que vous imaginez.”

This week, yeah Stephen Lang I confirm the information: translator Vilen Quaricha captured a Retrouvé sa Combinaison de Performance on the Neo-Zealandic plateau. I’m not commenting on the photo, but more than anything, the Instagram post confirms it. James Cameron est dans les temps pour sortir comme prevu Avatar 3 in December 2025, then issue 4 will end in 2029 and finally the final opus in 2031.

‘Avatar 3’: James Cameron recalls ‘two years of rapid post-production’

A couple of interviewees Collider on the occasion of the distribution Special Forces: LionessTaylor Sheridan Zoe Saldana Add your stone to the building.

“Ca va être incredible, says translator Neytiri. Avatar 3 This is great because when you count 4 and 5, you get an encore plus four. These are lies. (James Cameron) You’ll go back to beer. This is the son of a legacy. Thinking that it will be Titanicbut I’m sure this is the final Avatar, et faire party d’une œuvre aussi innovante and creative, cela en fait en quelque sorte nore héritage à nous aussi. I’m excited about the idea of ​​resurrection. When I distribute the newsletter next week, I will tell you what the world should look at.”

Avatar 3 will be from Loak's point of view, says James Cameron

Pour l’instant, voilà ce que l’on sait des suites d’Avatar and etc. Voie de l’eau : number 3 will be I told Loak (Britain Dalton) and not only Jake Sully, but also a character in the new Na’Vis scene, le “People of Sendra”. In devrait and in retrospect, all the characters of the second film, puis on sait qu’il and aura un saut dans le temps in the beautiful environment of four volets, this is what explains some scenes of the last days, an opus on déjès and tournaments: ainsi les young comedies ont pu boucle leurs sequences decisive à l’intrigue avant de grandir and physique changing the path.

“My model is that Peter Jackson became a fact Señor de Anno, in detail James Cameron à propos de toutes ses suites at the time of the sortie Voie de l’eau. C’était un pari fou en son temps. And bold love to you. He said that there was a chance for me to watch these three films at the same time. If you need books as recap points for most actors who can get a kiss into a character arc, for example. I didn’t feel like I had chosen devais faire la même. I need an ensemble of thoughts Avatar it’s as if the books exist in a state of déjà. So one of the ideas of the fair is reading all the scripts and freeing the actors from reading all the scripts. Pour qu’ils voient où leurs personnages allaient et ce que tout cela significaait. “Rien qu’ils ne puissent jouer concrètement sur le moment, but I thought that c’était quelque chose that the actors deviated from preparing to work with the characters.”

James Cameron
Marechal Aurora/ABACA

“Les Acteurs Savaient Qu’on Allait Filmer de Petits morceaux des Suites ici et là, poursuivait-il. Pas nécessairement dans l’ordre. Nous avons Tourné un Jour des Parties d’Avatar 2party dayAvatar 3another partyAvatar 4. C’était un défi, but most of all it is no different from your work in a limited edition, for example, qui es’étale sur 6 hours or 8 hours. C’était la bonne façon de l’boarder with mes acteurs, et aussi pour qu’ils voient la Finalité du Truc, qu’ils soient motivés et entousiastes. It seems like a shocking story. The moment we arrived Avatar 4 and etc. 5 – si nous sommes assez chanceux pour aller aussi loin – il faudra que ça Marche !”

Louis also invites you to visit the déjà de luxe. “fucking”as he told Zoe Saldanha: “Lorsk translated the script for uploading Avatar 2, the study amounts to three pages of notes. Well when I read the script Avatar 3ils m’ont redu seulement une page de Notes. Je crois que je m’améliorais. And I’m back to the scriptAvatar 4, and I don’t need this note! To the studio director, film production director, just write an email that says: “Putain de merde!” These are my notes! Parce que ça devient complètement fou dans le bon sens, is it not?”

After the sortie of the second flight, Cameron a également laisser realized, qu’il pourrait laisser les Commandes d’Avatar 4 OU 5 To “realist of trust” most of all for instant, this is best of all, which is straight #3.

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