Bande-annonce du prochain of James Bond with Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie is a piece of paper on the Internet, but it’s a fake created by IA

Artificial intelligence has made a new conversation in the world of cinema. D’un Coté, products Civil War, a film at the American box office this week, is the font vertement remonter les bretelles pour avoir proposé de nouvelles affiches… conçues par l’IA. From the very beginning, KH Studio caused a stir on the Internet with the announcement of the James Bond chain. Tune in and vote for Henry Cavill, the first choice to replace Daniel Craig as Au Service de Sa Majesté to counter the plans of the great American star of the moment, Margot Robbie. “Nous sommes tous deux spéciauxI declare ex-Barbie. Le problème, c’est que le monde est trop petit… pour nous deux.»

A special mise en búca aguichante. D’autant plus bluffante qu’il s’il s’agit d’un fake, genéré par l’intelligence artificielle. This is the exact concept, in the small text posted under the YouTube video. “Veilleux please note that this video is a concept announcement created for artistic and entertainment purposes only.exactly-t-il. J’ai méticuleusement included various effects, sound concept, artificial intelligence technology, film analysis and other elements to see my vision. “They are objective, purely artistic, and aimed at entertainment and faith in the YouTube community.”

Objective attention: this “trailer” is a déjà vu of £2.4 million. And this caused a huge number of comments demanding the engagement of Henry Cavill instead of the latest favorite Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

In full promo Ministry of Ungentlemanly WarThe 40-year-old British comedy is showing a new version with this option: “Tout ce que j’entends, ce sont des rumeurs. Everything is like you. Je suis peut-etre trop vieux désormais, or peut-etre pas. “Everything depends on the products of Barbara Broccoli and Mike Wilson: our plans verrons quels sont leurs.”

This ad is about how to become a mastermind.

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