Bank Card of Missing Student Riley Strain Found near River, Police Say

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV/Gray News) A bank card belonging to missing student Riley Strain was found near a river in Nashville.

The Metro Nashville Police Department reported that Riley Strain’s bank card was found near the Cumberland River on Sunday afternoon.

The card was found on the embankment between Gay Street and the Cumberland River, and Strain’s family confirmed the card did belong to Strain.

Law enforcement had focused their search efforts on the Cumberland River, near where Strain’s phone last pinged off a cell tower.

MNPD's Urban Search & Rescue team has assembled to search along the brush line of the...
MNPD’s Urban Search & Rescue team has assembled to search along the brush line of the Cumberland River for 22-year-old missing college student Riley Strain.(MNPD)

Anna Clemdening and Brandy Baenen had joined the day’s search for Strain and told WSMV they managed to climb down to the riverbank and were sorting through tons of trash when they found Strain’s card.

“I just couldn’t sit at home and not think about Riley and his family so I had to come out,” Baenen said.

“There is so much trash down there it’s so much to sift through and there’s so many pieces of clothing, shoes, bottles, cans, everything. I don’t really know how we found it. I would love to say just dumb luck, divine intervention—it was just sitting there,” Glendening said.

The police have not said what the bank card means for their search. In the meantime, Clemdening and Baenen will continue theirs.

“Something needed to be found. We found something – I don’t know if that’s something enough,” Baenen said.

On Sunday, police also discovered a dead body floating in the Cumberland River. The Nashville Fire Department said the deceased person did not fit the description of Strain. His family also told WSMV the body was not Strain.

Strain, 22, was in Nashville for a fraternity trip where he was last seen downtown before disappearing on March 8. He’s been missing ever since. It was confirmed that Strain was escorted out of Luke’s 32 Bridge, Luke Bryan’s Broadway bar, before he reportedly went missing.

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