Barça win three titles in 15 days, Santi Nolla

No Super Cup, no Cup, no League. In 15 days of January, Barça said goodbye to two titles, as well as practically to the League. Three. Once the year has begun, it will be a long one. Yes indeed Javi He wanted to ease tensions within the club and team by announcing that he would be leaving the club on June 30th. Now catastrophic theories abound everywhere. Blame is apportioned according to each person’s interests and conceptual errors, which move on a rollercoaster ride, ratified or denied depending on the outcome. We have to analyze the moment and the game. This is what really moves things forward. And the indisputable fact is that in January there is only the Champions League left.

It is quite possible that the offside that canceled out Villarreal’s goal should not have been called but a penalty. But Barça made many mistakes in the match in Montjuïc. There was no order and cohesion. They were an explosive team when they decided to come back and a broken block when Villarreal got ahead of them in the final minutes. The defensive failures were spectacular, diametrically opposed to the good work done last season. It’s not just a matter of immaturity, because there are a lot of young people in the team. There are also many mature ones. There is obvious psychological and conceptual fragility.

Barça are doing everything they can to come back, increasing the speed of the ball, the passion, the heart, the intimidation, and when they come back they stop pressing the gas pedal, everything is out of balance and there is a lack of order, seriousness. strength. This does not mean that you need to hold the ball for a long time at a slow pace, but it means being able to read the game. It is impossible that Barça conceded 16 goals in the last five matches. It’s not that Barça failed to achieve all of Villarreal’s goals. Marcelino’s team achieved success, for example, in the decisive counter-attack for the third goal. It’s very difficult to commit a tactical foul there. It cannot be that the concepts of seriousness, control and order are always associated with slow possession. No. It’s a matter of attitude, substance and trust. Barça players must maintain maximum concentration and intensity every minute of every game. This is top football. This isn’t the first time this hasn’t happened. We’ve been wanting to fix this for a long time. But just wanting is not enough.

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