Barcelona: appeal rejected and Vitor Roque will not play against Granada

Barcelona’s appeal to revoke Vitor Roque’s second booking was unsuccessful and the striker will not play against Granada.

BARCELONA — The Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation decided this Wednesday after its weekly meeting to maintain second yellow card What you see Vitor Roque on Saturday during the game, which Barcelona played on the Alaves pitch, and this was the reason for his removal, so the Brazilian striker punished with a match suspension he must serve on Sunday against the team Grenade.

In the match report, referee Matinez Munuera stated that comment thinking about the fact that he showed it Vitor Roque “For carelessly kicking an opponent’s leg.”

He BarcelonaOn the same Monday, he filed an appeal against the map to the committee and jointly presented videographic evidence, in which, as he explained: Vitor Roque He never showed any recklessness; on the contrary, he tried to squeeze his leg so as not to hurt Rafa Marin.

The appeal was not considered by the competition commission, citing the fact that there was no error in the writing of the protocol, and it cannot be understood that the images contradict what the judge said then, which is why there is no reason to cancel the warning issued by Martínez Munuera.

Barcelona then have ten days to lodge another appeal with the Appeal Committee, which, if lodged immediately, would have to make a decision between Thursday and Friday. Barça also has the right to request that precautionary measures be taken to temporarily suspend the second yellow card seen by Vitor Roque.

Thus, the Brazilian striker could play on Sunday, awaiting the final decision, if the appeal was not made immediately, leaving the decision for next week, and whose result would affect, if contrary to the interests of Barça, the match that will take place. in Balaidos against Celta Vigo.

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