BBC investigation: The dark side of some big luxury brands’ perfumes

caption, Basmalla, 10, and her siblings pick jasmine at night to help their mother make do with what little they have.

  • Author, Ahmed Elshami and Natasha Cox*
  • Role, BBC Eye investigation

Minors have been used to collect ingredients used by suppliers of two large beauty product companies.

This follows a BBC investigation into perfume supply chains, during which it was discovered that jasmine is used by perfume suppliers Lancôme and Aerin Beauty was raised by the children.

Following these findings, Lancôme owner L’Oreal announced that it was committed to human rights. Estée Lauder, owner of Aerin Beauty, said it had contacted its suppliers to clarify the situation.

The jasmine used in the Idole L’Intense perfume by Lancôme and in the Ikat Jasmine and Limone di Sicilia fragrances by Aerin Beauty comes from Egypt, a country that produces about half the world’s supply of these flowers, a major component of perfume,

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