Behind the scenes of a surprise guest and cabinet meeting in Olivos before Xavier Miley’s visit to Davos

Part of the Cabinet was in the Presidential Residence (Nicolas Stulberg)

Several hours later, just one day after leaving for Davos to deliver his first speech at an international forum as President of Argentina, President xavier miley He concluded this Sunday a special cabinet meeting under his leadership in the Quinta de Olivos, in which he discussed, among other matters, the CGT strike and the package of laws being discussed by Congress.

Early in the morning, the Chief of Staff arrived at Vicente López’s official residence, located between Libertador and Maipú avenues, in the Buenos Aires district of Buenos Aires. nicholas pause, Interior Minister, Guillermo Francos, of Justice, Mariano Cuneo Libarona, of security, Patricia Bullrich, protect, louis petrie, of economy, luis caputo, of infrastructure, guillermo ferraro, of foreign affairs, Diana Mondinoand health, mario russo,

Apart from this, he was also a political advisor. santiago caputowho will soon be appointed to a position in the communications sector; Federico Sturzenegger, which will also play a role in a transitional zone; General Secretary of the Presidency, Kareena Mileyand head of the Chamber of Deputies, martin menem,

Chancellor Diana Mondino (Nicolas Stulberg)

Meanwhile, the Vice President, Victoria Villaruelalso attended the first part of the meeting, debating the main agenda items, but left before the start of the subsequent lunch, as he had just returned from Córdoba, where he participated in the Jesús María celebration. Had traveled to collect.

The guest list was completed with the President’s spokesperson, manuel adorni, Media Secretary, Eduardo Serenellini, Executive Secretary to the Government, jose rolandiAnd a special guest, Maria Luz Gonzalez Carman.

The Chemical Engineer is the head of the Cabinet of Advisors, who does not usually participate in this type of meeting, but on this occasion he was called, because one of the main short-term and medium-term objectives of the government is to “reinvent the processes.” To establish”. management.”

according to what he specified infobae According to official sources, guests ate roasted meat with side salad and had fruit salad for dessert.

The cabinet meeting began at 11:00 am and continued till 1:15 pm, in which issues of various departments, besides the progress of the legislative process, were discussed. The treatment of the Base Law, the strike and mobilization that the CGT is planning on January 24 and the President’s visit to Davos,

After 3:30 pm, the officers, each of whom had to pay for their own food, left Quinta in batches, each in his own car and without making any statement. The meeting was coordinated, logically, by Posse himself, who decided to add Carman.

The President will travel to Davos on Monday (EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

The cabinet meeting was held this Sunday, an unusual day, since the meeting scheduled for next Tuesday was moved forward, since this Monday Miley will depart for Switzerland on a commercial flight and with a limited delegation. To participate in the Davos Forum, a global agora Which convenes every year for one hundred hours to debate the most important issues of geopolitics and the world economy.

On this occasion Davos proposed A Multidimensional agenda that includes conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraineelections in the united states, impact of climate change, the need to create jobs and Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) As an engine of development in modern society.

In addition, the meeting took place within the framework of the ruling party’s efforts to approve the package of laws sent a few days ago to Congress and which includes a series of reforms that the national president wants to implement.

warned this Sunday by the head of state, who once again said, “Austerity cannot be compromised, the damage caused to the population depends on Congress, not to make a fuss to the Tribune, as he Have done in the last 40 years.” The opposition supported that initiative.

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