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The supermodel of the moment, Bella Hadid, has added one more achievement to his extensive list of recognitions. The 26-year-old has been considered by the prestigious Time magazine as one of the most influential people of 2023. Under the category of “pioneers”, Hadid stood out in this acclaimed ranking.

Bella Hadid is the most influential model in the world at 26 years old

Christy Turlington Burns -the star of the catwalks in the nineties- was in charge of paying tribute to the potential star that is Bella Hadid. With a dedication to her career and a mention of her special personality, Gigi Hadid’s younger sister received words of admiration from the supermodel who was one of her great inspirations when she started in the industry.

“Plato believed that the beauty and goodness of our world were intrinsically intertwined. Bella Hadid is as good as she is beautiful. At a time like the present, when an industry is struggling to remain culturally relevant and inclusive, putting a single name and a single face on it would be next to impossible.”start by typing Turlington.

Photo: IG @bellahadid

“If there is someone who comes close to him, it is Bella Hadid. Behind that chiseled face, radiating from within her physical being, shines a lightness and vulnerability that she openly shares with nearly 60 million Instagram followers. After nearly 10 years in business, with no signs of slowing down, Bella has opened or closed major spring-summer collections everywhere from New York to Paris.”continued the American celebrity.

Beyond her runway glamour, the Palestinian-American supermodel is renowned for her openness and willingness to address issues of mental health, human rights, government oppression, and civil rights.

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Following the official Time magazine announcement, Hadid took to her Instagram account to show how honored she felt. “Being recognized for the work I’ve done just makes me want to work harder to be a part of the change we want to see in this world. I know that my mission is much bigger than what I have even touched the surface of now, and I will keep fighting until the change happens.”

Photo: IG @bellahadid

The celebrity also took a moment to reaffirm her purpose. “I will always do my best to spread the message of kindness, advocating for mental health and chronic illness, while still standing up for what I know in my heart to be right, when it comes to the refugee crisis, government pawns , border control problems and systematic oppression. I will always support the downtrodden and the less fortunate, no matter who it bothers. Helping others is my passion& I will never stop doing it, no matter what.”wrote.

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