Bella Poarch releases new single “Don’t Like Anybody” with 6ARELYHUMAN

Picking up the pace once again, Filipino-American artist, songwriter, visionary, and “the third most followed creator on TikTok,” Bella Poarch delivers a new single called “Don’t Like Anybody,” out today on 6arelyhuman. Warner Records. This notably marks the first collaboration between these two 21st century pop disruptors.

About the single, Bella said: “I’m a huge 6arelyhuman fan! What he does musically is so bold, different and cool. When I heard his verse on “Don’t Like Anybody,” I knew it had to be a single. “DLA” is such a fun song and I personally can’t get the chorus out of my head. This also resonates deeply with me as an introvert. I hope my fellow introverts share this feeling of not wanting to be around literally anyone other than that one person who is simply comforting you and making you feel like you’re not alone. I’m so excited for everyone to hear this song and hope they enjoy it!”

6arelyhuman echoed her excitement: “The collab came about because I was having a studio day and they sent me an open version of “Don’t Like Anybody” and I thought it was awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. The team really liked it, so a few weeks later we met in person in the studio and immediately agreed. I’m really excited for fans to hear it and can’t wait for us to do more together.”

“Don’t Like Anybody” follows fan favorite “Bad Boy!”, which Billboard called “an ode to body acceptance and self-love,” as well as the addictive single “Crush” with Lauv, which UPROXX called “bombastic.” “pop song.” “Crush” marked Bella’s entry into a powerful new era, which she celebrated by joining Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast for an in-depth and heartfelt conversation. Listen to this episode exclusively on Spotify here.

Get ready for much more from Bella Poarch in 2024!


If someone told you that Bella Poarch was actually a superhero from another planet or reality, it would be very difficult to deny. What the Filipino-American pop provocateur has accomplished in just two years since her emergence in 2021 is nothing short of astounding.

She went from a humble childhood on a small farm in the Philippines to serving in the US Navy as a proud service member in charge of helicopters and airplanes, to the humble launch of her TikTok in 2020. Bella’s dynamic vocals, expansive vision, unpredictable approach and undeniable spirit have transformed Bella. she became a global sensation as her debut single “Build A Bitch” made history by achieving “the biggest new artist YouTube debut ever” and was certified platinum by the RIAA. She followed that up with “INFERNO” (with Sub Urban), “Dolls” and “No Man’s Land” (featuring Grimes), leading to the release of her debut EP “Dolls” in 2022.

She has currently amassed 2 billion streams and counting, and is just shy of 1 billion views on YouTube, as well as regularly averaging 4.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Along the way, she also won awards at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and was nominated for the People’s Choice Awards.

In addition to becoming the “third most followed creator on TikTok,” she has earned unanimous praise from Cosmopolitan, E! Online, The FADER, NME, Rolling Stone, Variety and others. Additionally, it was named to the 2022 Gold House A100 list in recognition of those actively invested in the API community and its future. However, in 2023, she showcases and unleashes her superpowers like never before in a series of singles, starting with “Crush” with Lauv. Bella is about to take off, and she’s bringing pop music and culture with her.

Photo courtesy of Brian Ziff.

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