BENEFITS OF BEER | What happens to your body if you stop drinking beer at night

Stop to To drink beer This has a number of benefits besides stopping you from being “happy” and even drunk. Take one fifth or pint of beer This very common habit and is part social life Spaniards, but that doesn’t mean they are good. After all, this is alcohol, despite the fact that the alcohol content in it is lower than in wines and liqueurs, and its use causes three million deaths per yearAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO). You don’t have to get to the point of death to realize how convenient it is. moderate alcohol consumption.

“I stopped drinking beer Monday through Friday and started noticing that my belly was less swollen and I was losing weight,” says one user, who admits that this small change made weight loss a reality. Really, alcohol makes you fat: This is great source of empty caloriesWith It does not provide any food or nutrients to the body.therefore, it is not surprising that it should be eliminated from any type of diet first.

Empty calories are not zero, although there are not as many of them in beer as in wine or spirits. A pint of beer (200 milliliters) contains approximately 80 kcal, and in a 330 ml jar about 140 kcal.. However, now that the weather is good, the days are longer and this is synonymous with ‘terrace’. Wow, it’s not the fifth or the rod that falls, but several. AND the number of calories increases.

Effect on 200 diseases

In addition to calories, excessive alcohol consumption has influence on more than 200 diseases and is responsible for €155 billion in social and health spending. According to WHO, in Spain the level of alcohol consumption per capita is higher than the European average.

“In our country about 20,000 deaths linked to excessive alcohol consumption. And about 15% of people who consult primary health care drink alcohol, which is considered risky,” says Francisco Pascual, president of the Spanish Scientific Society for the Study of Alcohol, Alcoholism and Other Drug Addictions (Socidrogalcohol).

Risk of cancer and other diseases

Alcohol suppresses the immune system. That is, it can contribute to poor liver function, decreased immunity, hormonal imbalances, cell damage and insulin problems.

According to the World Health Organization, 4% cancer diagnoses in the world They are associated with alcohol consumption, especially excessive consumption. In this sense, pancreas and liver These are the two organs with the highest risk of disease.

Another reason to stop drinking beer and other alcoholic drinks, or at least reduce their consumption, is high sugar level, especially the last one. The more sugar, the higher the risk cardiovascular diseases And diabetes.

Additionally, alcohol is a diuretic, so it can cause you to lose a lot of fluid. water in the bodyleaving skin dehydrated and dull.

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