Berlusconi’s luxurious mansion in Sardinia for sale from 300 million euros

It has 68 rooms, 174 parking spaces, a greenhouse and a theatre, among other facilities.

some old properties of silvio berlusconi For sale after his death, including the ‘crown jewel’: Villa Certosa, Sale of this luxurious villa Sardinia It is run by Milan-based real estate agency Dils. This is a sign that steps have been taken to materialize the distribution of the former prime minister’s real estate assets at the request of his five successors, who faced the exorbitant cost of properties and decided to “test” the market or distribute them. Have done. Properties. ,

Barbara Berlusconi is a candidate to acquire Villa Machereo in Brianza, which was the residence of her mother Veronica Lario. The property is a subsidiary of Immobiliere Idra fininvest Through Dolcedrago Holding Company.

Instead, Marina Berlusconi should purchase Lesa’s villa on Lake Maggiore, known as Villa Campari, which belonged directly to Berlusconi, On the other hand, the sale of Villa Garnato has been entrusted to Sotheby’s.

The most valuable property is Villa Certosa and, according to the latest rumors from the Financial Times, its sale has been entrusted to the Milanese company Dills. The figures that are circulated represent the value of approx. 500 millionBut to be more realistic, this is where the conversation should start 280-300 million.

Tycoon bought Villa Certosa It was completely rebuilt and expanded in the 70s and later. During Berlusconi’s time as Prime Minister, it was classified as an “alternative maximum security location for the protection of the Prime Minister”. From Vladimir Putin to George W Bush, distinguished guests have passed through.

A technical report from January 2021 indicated its value 259,373,950 euros, An absolutely reliable document because it is signed by Francesco Magnano, a trusted expert of Cavaliere. Villa Certosa could hardly be divided between all the children, although it was not short of space: 68 rooms181 square meter garage and another 174 parking spaces.

Then – searching through the appraisal papers – 4 bungalows, a theatre, tower in front of the theatre, greenhouse, gym, thalassotherapy and medicinal garden of 297 square metres. All this is immersed in a park of 580,477 square meters.

The most expensive family villa

palace of porto rotondo figure between most expensive villa Overall, therefore, the market value may be higher than the appraised value. In 2009 there was talk of a $450 million offer from the Arab Emirates, the next year it was almost finalized with an Iberian businessman for $400 million according to the Spanish press and then, in 2015, it would have been Cavaliere. The very one who would have shown the beauty of the residence to the son of the king of Arabia: the request, apparently, was 500 million.

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