Bethesda’s new fantasy RPG draws on the nostalgia of Oblivion and gives you the ability to customize your spells. ESO Gold Road Videos and Details – The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road

The next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online will allow us to visit three new regions of Tamriel

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Expectation Elder Scrolls 6 becomes more tolerant due to good work Zenimax Onlinewhich year after year expands the gaming experience of its popular TECO with new adventures that allow us to explore almost all lands Tamriel, a fantasy universe that inspired Bethesda to create the role-playing saga. And the new chapter of this successful MMORPG will make those who once enjoyed Oblivion feel nostalgic, as it is one of the game’s most attractive new features. The Elder Scrolls Online: The Golden Road is that it will allow us to visit three very different biomes in the lands West Weald.

If this name doesn’t mean much to you, perhaps it will seem more familiar to you when you start visiting its beautiful fantasy places, since we have already been able to explore some of these places in the formidable world. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Situated between the great capital of Cyrodiil, the Gold Coast, Reaper’s Mark and Craglorn, this area includes three very different biomes, making this new adventure in the online world of ESO a true spectacle for the senses. In a presentation that 3DJuegos was able to attend, the main man responsible for this online role-playing game talked about the design of these natural landscapes with environments as beautiful as rainy jungles Valenwoodthe autumn forests of the Camino Dorado or the most rugged and mountainous region of Colovia.

As you can imagine, this additional episode carries the usual content: new missions with a story that unfolds around 30 hours long, several dungeons for groups and premieres, Trial for 12 players. Being a big capital, we will have a city on the Golden Road Skingradwhich we were already able to visit in the aforementioned Oblivion.

Scribes in The Elder Scrolls: It’s Time to Customize Your Spells

Gold Road does not include a new character class, but does introduce New feature which will undoubtedly please the most dedicated players. It’s the art of customizing your own spells and combat skills, giving them unique effects and making your character feel more unique and special. Letter allows us to “play with the nature of magic” by giving us the ability to customize our builds, “giving you the opportunity and freedom to play the way you really want.”

The authors of Gold Road insist. This is not a new class. Any character who chooses the Scribe path will have the ability to customize the stats and effects of their skills, adding greater attack range, additional damage from poison, fire or other elements, etc. We will even have the ability to change the appearance of these skills, which will greatly expand the possibilities game settings.

We will have up to three places to change the characteristics of each power, be it weapons, mage and fighter guilds, soul stones, or attack and support. The idea is that “everyone can benefit from the system.” The art of scribes is not focused on one class. Each of the specialization lines it allows has at least one unique ability that can be unlocked. Our Grimoire It will have three empty spaces so we can change the essence of the main ability using ink, which is a new consumable.

The story continues in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Since this new feature is one of the biggest attractions of the Golden Road, in this edition of ESO we will continue the story famous Necrom, following the trail of a new enemy that threatens the peace of all Tamriel. If you played this story to the end, you will learn that the great secret hidden in the realm of dreams was that there is another Daedra Prince! Following in his footsteps, we find ourselves in the Western Weald, where he was imprisoned while a group of renegade Wood Elves attempt to restore the power of this Daedra. Itelia.

Although its release date has not yet been determined, we do know that it will appear in second term from 2024 after completing several story events in Necrom.

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